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Cockatiels make a wonderful hobby and wonderful pets! For those who want to handle their birds often, we suggest hand-tamed Cockatiels. Please research through reading, the internet, and asking questions of pet shop clerks before purchasing a Cockatiel. The more you know and understand about these wonderful birds the better relationship you and your Cockatiel will have with each other. If you click on our photos; you will have a super close-up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Open

Currently, those older chicks (a Lutino Cockatiels & Parakeets -mostly blue)
we had for sale we decided to keep a while longer.

In a month or two we will consider putting them up for sale again.
We will announce them for sale first in Our Cockatiels Club chat group
then here in this blog. After that also online in Hoobly & Kijiji
and finally in Uncle Henry's which is a local USA NorthEastern want ads publication.

So if you are waiting for a deal on pet birds that is better then the Pet shops, keep your eyes open to this blog
or even join Our Cockatiels Club.

We are considering allowing deposits.
This would be discussed with the potential customer who is willing to wait until the bird they desire is ready and weaned.

Happy Birding to you All!
Bill & Rosemary Mazzulla

PS Since we do not ship our birds the buyer or a friend of the buyer would have to be able to come to our Auburn Maine home to purchase and pick up the bird(s).
Contact made by phone or e-mail and appointment is required.


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