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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twelve Parakeets and cage for sale as one bargain.

The Parakeets mentioned in this post are sold!
We are no longer selling parakeets.
From now on we will only be selling Cockatiels!

Old post:

We have decided for the right price to sell all of our Parakeets and mainly
focus on Cockatiels. Since all of our birds are in our dining area we need to make more space so theparakeets are going.

The twelve parakeets are a variety of colors.
About 6 of them were even bred, hatched and hand-fed at our home.
Within the twelve; 3 of the parakeets are albino but not hand-fed.

We are selling all 12 with the cage they are within.
We have decided the right price is $160.

We are planning to advertise in other methods also so if you interested and are within driving distance of Auburn Maine, please send a message immediately to us either through this group, or by e-mail to or call us in the later afternoons and evenings at 207-783-5748.

Thank you.

Bill & Rosemary Mazzulla

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