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Cockatiels make a wonderful hobby and wonderful pets! For those who want to handle their birds often, we suggest hand-tamed Cockatiels. Please research through reading, the internet, and asking questions of pet shop clerks before purchasing a Cockatiel. The more you know and understand about these wonderful birds the better relationship you and your Cockatiel will have with each other. If you click on our photos; you will have a super close-up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Male Cockatiel Ready for New Home.

We have one male grey Cockatiel hatched June 2009 and he is ready for a new home.

He has been hand-fed.
Will make a good pet.
In fact he is perching on my shoulder as I am typing this!

Breeders; this male is just the right age to start breeding.
We have more males then we need is why he is for sale.

Price is $60
and for members of Our Cockatiels Club yahoo group 
with $10 discount the price is only $50.

To visit Our Cockatiel's Club; 
please click on this blog entry's title.


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Anonymous cecilia said...

to whom it may concern,im looking forparkeets in the area of owensboro,ky.becausei know there are peoplethat dont care for them and i love birds i just live on a fixed incomecould you helpme to grt the word outmy email addreess is;

February 2, 2011 at 11:35 PM  

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