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Cockatiels make a wonderful hobby and wonderful pets! For those who want to handle their birds often, we suggest hand-tamed Cockatiels. Please research through reading, the internet, and asking questions of pet shop clerks before purchasing a Cockatiel. The more you know and understand about these wonderful birds the better relationship you and your Cockatiel will have with each other. If you click on our photos; you will have a super close-up.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Longer Breeding

We no longer breed Cockatiels.
All are still  welcomed to join our chat group 
The OC Club- Our Cockatiels Club.

When we sold all our Cockatiels, we kept one cockatiel for a pet, Snowy the 3rd, an albino.
Snowy 3rd is the granddaughter of the albino that was part of our original stock.
We are interested in hearing stories (even fun stories) and tips about your birds. Stories and tips about any kind of birds.
Questions and tips about caring for Cockatiels, Parakeets and other birds are welcomed at our chat group;
The OC Club- Our Cockatiels Club



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